Recently, I talked with my father by msn.
As usual, he encouraged me to study hard and keep find a intern job as a clever boss told to his young subordinate.
But, different from before, " What did you think about the development of your personality during this 4 monthes?" he said.
" I spent too much for studying. I didn't pay too much attention for that." I answers him in a few seconds.
"Mmm.... Keep going. We will go there for visit you" my father said and left for work.
Actually, I believe that I know what I got in these 4 monthes, but that development is just make my thought stronger.
The stronger mind of mine is how to realize a person - through his behaviors could  these sometimes be fake. So, we should realize what kinds of friends he has, talk to his friends, who are his most three close friends, know how others' true feelings about him, and review what he did before.
People tend to be cheated by their first impression, view, and bias of others.
You know, we all read the chinese saying"夫取人之術也,觀其言而察其行,夫言者所以抒其匈而發其情者也,能行之士必能言之,是故先觀其言而揆其行,夫以言揆其行,雖有姦軌之人,無以逃其情矣。" but how we could execute exactly.
It depends on your experience, and manner or tolerance.
I always believe that being a social guy is more important than being a smart guy, especially in MBA students.
However, it is difficult to make every person be your good friend.
Sadly, we resort to grade our friends and select the friend whom you would like to help during his/her hard time and who will help you when you are suffering.
Finding some good friend and Helping each other continuously, you could set up the firm friendship.
The most important thing is how to realize them before you trust them.
That is what I really believe I start to realize.
Jarrett believe I will use this skill when I find partners and select the best men for the future companies.
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