Last Wednesday, I went to enjoy a speech, which introduced " how to do a pubic speaking"
I got some points and shared with you:

1.          Who are your auditors?

2.          Knowing where your speaking site is

3.          Practicing by camera, other friends.

4.          Realizing your topic

5.          Dressing suitably

6.          Removing distractions, ex. Cell phone, clean all stuffs in your pocket

7.          Never apologizing to your auditors

8.          Using handout

9.          Having eye contact with everyone, not take to one person

10.      Trying to make hands free. That’s OK to have notes

11.      Don’t hide behind the table

12.      Finding some friendly eyes

13.      Telling story about yourself, make auditors relax

14.      Fulfilling the content, organize your speaking and make your auditors get some things.



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