This article is referred to a famous magazine.
It talks about how to evaluate yourself.
There are three points to assess:
Jarrett evaluated myself, and thought that I need to strengthen my breadth.
I tend to angry when I was tired or the issue I am not prefer.
So, for this year, I wish I could improve my breadth more,
such as listening to other's opinions without breaking and using the questions instead of comfirms.
On the other hand, I want to add two point to make it perfect.生氣=生命之氣)
If you were not health, you couldn't have the successful work and enjoy your life, could you?
By reading and observing a lot of history issue, such as 日本戰國時代德川家康and成吉思汗,
we could find health could make our life better, and, perhaps, the happy life results in the longevity.
If you don't reflect yourself usually, you couldn't tend to find your errors.
Because people are continuing growing and the world situation are advancing, we need to learn more and more.
With reflecting, we could gain the power of modest and revise our behaviors endlessly, could we?
In a nutshell, I want to using saying of the president of Toyota:
Laziness + arrogance = enterprise failure!!!
If we want to own all of the five elements, we should fight with our laziness and arrogance, should we, mate?
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