Jarrett have planned to writting this memoir for a long time, but it's different for me to decide who I should record.
For example, Olivia, Masa, Kenta,Kazu, Bam, Ayako, Kazu, Sachiko,Thuy, Ayaka, Satomi, Q, K, Kyeong, Peter, Kozue, Miharu, Yukino, Tresun, Young hwan, Ian, Yi-Hsuan, kyokosan, Masami, nita, and ikumi help me a lot and share our feelings to each other.
To simplify this memoir, I chosen ten friends who has strong interaction with me and make me have more diversities.
Special in Olivia, I thought a lot should I record some thing about her, but I give up because the growth is based on the secrets.
10 people who represent three groups  were chosen to record in this memoir.
They are
1. Naokisan   Shimpeikun   Erisan   Erinachan
2. Norikosan   Atsushisan   Azusachan  
3.Cheng   Ling   Tom
The portrays below are the affections, feelings and experiences of mine about them:
1. Naokisan:
He is one of the most affecting person for me in my Hawaii life.
I respect him and love him like my father.
For me, he showed the current Japanese middle class thoughts and behaviors, which made me believe Japan will be strong more and more.
The personality of him is responsibility.
He love his work, his life, and his family.
Observing him you will find he complies with the Confucian Thoughts.
To cultivate his moral character(修身), to govern his family(齊家), and manage his department and company (治國) could be observed easily in his talking and thoughts.
I have written an article"Japanese views of Japan and Taiwan relationship" to exhibit one of his thoughts.
Actually, I was confused by him and mistook that he was a "Sukebe" (好色 libidinous) person.
After several weeks, I realize he is a very easy-going and funny person like my old brother and young father and love him.
And his son, 正太, who is a 3 years old cute boy, impressed me so much.
感謝を表する~Naokisan is the model of wonderful father I want to be.
2. Shimpeikun
Shimpeikun is very handsome from the first impression of him which I believe he was a playboy, but I mistook again!
His great is not only on his good look or talent , but also on his personalities.
If you get along with him, you will find that he has a power of pacifying and encouraging others.
I learned a lot from him although he is just 23 year old handsome young man without work experience.
But I have already predicted his success in the future.
The best description of the temperament of him is "the power of modest"!
ハンサム~ A really great young man I have never seen ~
3. Erisan
Erisan tends to catch the attention.
She have a pretty and kawaii face and always smile, and if you see her, you will be affected happy from her.
But don't only think she only has beauty, her personality is praised by everyone who got along with her.
Her mind and personality is mature, of which I will strongly agree "the power of sweet".
However, her stories is so sad that she told us ( I believed)that she always met bad guys.
Yes! with a beautiful face and good personality, there are always a lot of pursuers around her.
This situation make this kind of beautiful girls choose bad guys easily.
幸福を得なさい~ For such a wonderful woman, I wish she could confirm her determination and find a good husband in the future.
4. Erinachan
Erinachan who I believe is the most attractive girl in HELP is 22 year old young lady.
Not only with easy-going quailty but also the sweetest smile does she have.
If you see her, you will feel relaxing and happy.
If you talk to her, you will vibrate her kindness and easy-going quality.
Haha~ the most funny thing is that looking at her appearances when eating, you will enjoy that everything is delicious.
She is a smart, kind, determinated, and vigorous girl, who I strongly believe that everyone who get along with her will like her easily~
全力を尽くしなさい~ Erina! make your dream come true!
5. Norikosan
Norikosan is great woman, who could represent why men in the world will believe Japanese girl is the best wif in the world.
She has the quality of taking care the family, deal with everything for her husband, mature and perfect personality, and rational and smart thoughts.
すばらしい!!!  She could be a good wife, mother and teacher!
After I got along with her for two months, I will raise my thumb when I recall her every time.
Her boyfriend is also a great man, like Naokisan I respect him so much.
This couple like a ocean of treasure makes the people around them benefit endless.
6. Atsushisan
Atsushisan has the personality I want to have.
Having the same interests in history and make friends, we realize each other very quickly.
He is always like my old brother, taking care of, teaching, and sharing the feelings with me, and making me laugh.
His personality makes his friends endless, and everyone love and respect him the same as what he treat for others.
Independence, hospitality, and care for friends is what I should learn from him.
あなたの健康を望む~ my brother!!!
7. Azusachan
Azusachan is a kawaii girl, who surpised me when I saw her because she looked like Ryoko Hirosue 廣末涼子.
She studies hard and concentrates on everything of her life.
Positive and active thinking, warm-heartedness, and determination are her biggest characteristics I have observed.
Recently, I got her good news which she pass the TOFEL test to study in UH.
I strongly believe this wonderful girl will success in her life!
お祝い~ Azusachan!
 8. Cheng
Cheng is like everyone's old brother, who not only Taiwanese but also Japanese like and respect him.
Getting along with him for the two months, I enjoyed the growth of this term.
He always cared for our life, and made us have fun.
This old brother have a lot of talents and skills, such as trimming hair, cooking, and entertaining.
Through him, I learned, introspected, grew a lot!
謝謝~ I believe we will meet each other wherever.
9. Ling
Ling is the typical Taiwanese girl, who is independent, determinated, and active.
Moreover, she have more good and strong international views, and research and reasoning abilities.
However, please, don't mistake that she is a subjestive girl.
She presented the particular Taiwanese girl sweet when her friends encount any problems.
Having the honor of being her classmate, I discussed a lot of Taiwanese issue with her, and introspected again and again what Taiwanese should make efforts in.
感恩~ I wish we could pursue our dreams successfully in the future.
10. Tom
Tom is my closest soul mate in Hawaii.
He is the very handsome boy whom I heard a lot of girls talking about.
For the development of the future, he decided to go abroad and study English after he finished army service and master degree.
I benefited too much from him, not only the dressing and interests, such as golf and surf,
but also the feelings of the world business and the concepts of dealing with business.
I am so honored to have this friend and expect to grow with him again.
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