Having a speech to be the representative of the graduates  is my biggest honor in HELP.
I got the information from Steve in the two weeks before the final party.
I was so happy and excited to have this chance to training my speech ability.
Here is the content of my final speech:
My dear teachers , friends, I am Jarrett.
I appreciate having this opportunity to share my feelings about HELP.
This is my third time to join international English Language programs.
I strongly believe this is the best one I have had.
Help focuses not only on language training but also content-based system which makes our English  ability advance more and more.
The most improtant thing is that our friendships are also getting strong through this kind of course.
I will never forget that two Japanese guys told me when Japanese say to me"how are you?"
I should answer "watashiha okamadesu".
And Masa's International Food Festival made my weight increase!!!
Atsushi's fantastic party and friendship makes me find my soul mate.
Azusa, Olivia, Noriko, Cheng, Ling, Tom and  all of you, thank you for growing with me.
Hey! we are family, aren't we?
Let's clap our hands to our friendships!
Thank you!
The most impressive thing is that the two Japanese bad guys made me drunk before the day of the speech.
I was not conscious in that day, although I practiced more than ten times for the speech.
When my speech time was coming, I felt my mind suddenly clear.
By the deep breathing, I started my speech.
With two tremble feet, I finished my speech.
Although it still had more problem needing to solve, for example my pronunciation and tone, I learned a lot from this precious experience.
Thank you Steve, I appreciate you spent your time for correct my pronunciation and speech ability.
And every friend thank you for your supports~
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