Maui trip is the first self-service travel in ur Hawaii days.
It is one of the best experiences in my Hawaii life, and through this, I re-realize many good friends in HELP.
Maui trip started in the morning at May 12th, the week before Institute TOFEL.
Nita, the Thailand girl, help us to order the airplane tickets, rent the cars and book the hotel rooms.
The distance is so short that it took about 40 mins to arrive there from Honolulu.
I sat beside Shimpei, an cho-very handsome Japanese boy.
Both of us hated the small airplane flight, which tend to be influenced by flow and the noise is so loud.
Like O'hau, although Maui is the very famous tour place, the downtown there are prosperous opposite to my image.
We rent two cars, of which one is van and another is compact.
Tom, the man who makes girl crazy, is the driver of our car, the van.
The first day was a very diordered day.
First, I was the navigator of our car, but I could recongnize the direction and the street of map, especially in the downtown.
After experiencing several errors, and fortunely find the directions, we arrived the destinations.
The first destination is Kapalua, the site of the pioneer of Western sailor.
There is a small port with historic interests and old streets, and could find the opposing island easy.
Briefly, it's a very simple port with a lot of wonderful beach and sometimes the road is just beside the ocean.
The second place of the first day is Kula, near the Haleakala national park.
However, it was too late, nearly 430 o'clock, so we give up the trip of first day and leave for the Hotel.
When arriving the hotel, everyone was so tired and fatigued.
Maybe in this situation, something happened.
Tom and Cheng fighted in this moment, and this was an embarrassed accident in this trip.
This secret kept in my mind, a funny experience.
However, through this experience, I had more opportunities to re-realize the friends in our group.
The first is 怡萱, a young Taiwanese girl, study in HELP for entering UH.
The second is Kyokosan, a good culinary artist, could speak fluent English.
We started to make strong relationship when that moment, and even after the Maui trip, I went to Kyokosan's house to do some treatment for her.
Fortunately, these big boys were finally peaceful.
With this experience, I decided to schedule the second day plan carefully.
Because Tom and I was suddenly commended to plan and navigate in these two days, it makes us so tired.
Though wanting to play with my friends, I had already made the plans for what we need to solve tomorrow.
( But, I regretted after several weeks because I didn't know those guys' crazy party which will make me near die....>o<...)
So in the second morning, I talked to several members and discussed where we should go and someone want to go.
Fianlly, we decided what is our schedule:
1.Before checking out, 12:00, we prepared for our dinner in the summit of mountain.
2.Go to Maalaea harbor, Maui ocean center, and go to the restaurant which was one of the sites of 50 First Dates .
3.Go to Kula again, enjoy batonical garden, and the winery near batonical garden.
4.Go to the summit of Halekala mountain and enjoy sunset and the dinner there.
5.give back cars and go home.
Seems like a great plan~ but....  haha the second we could book the restaurant for lunch.
So we changed our plans to the ocean center for dinner,
and because the ticket of ocean center was too expensive, we give up again, and instead just ate lunch.
However, the Winery is farther than I thought, but we enjoyed the time there, which is a quiet and natural paradise and the coast is beautiful~
And the most exciting scenery is the summit of Halekala mountain which is 10 thousands feet high. ( about 3030 meters)
It's easy to find wild animal on the road and the cloud is beautiful, and if you are on the summit, you see everywhere with cloud, like in the paradise.
Halekala mountain is different from Mt. Fuji and 玉山 because it is easy to arrive the summit just by car.
This is really a nice picnic in the summit, thank you, Cheng and every guys~
We enjoyed our dinner in the mountain although it was about 1800 but the light is bright.
Finishing our dinner, our travel was near the end.
But I appreciated everyone and this trip made me re-realize more friends and fulfilled my diversity of Hawaii life~
And the most important is that this experience strengthens my confidence of self-service in foreign!!!
I decided to go travel every year whether I was busy or not.
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