This sentence I saw first in the fiction, Da Vinci Code.


In page 119 of  Chapter 23 of DaVinci code

He(Sauniere) gazed her (Sophie) several seconds

"I'll say this once more, Sophie, because it's important. You need to learn to respect other people's privacy."


Yes! It's very important to respect other people's privacy!

If a friend is willing to share his secrets to you, you should keep his/her secret as possible as you can.

Even though you know that he is wrong and even commit a crime, you should ask and give some suggests for him/her without disclosing his/her secret.


Recently, I made a mistake.

If I heard a secret obliquely, could I blab out it?

One of my friends told me someone secrets, and it’s really interesting.

Maybe, for funny, or difficulty to keep the secret.

However, human’s emotion is hard to predict, and human is hard to keep secrets!

Somebody never mind his secret, which he may intend to leak it; however, some people strongly care of their secrets, especially in girls.


If you tell others someone’s secret which you promise you should not to say to others, it finally will transfer into that guy’s ear.

Moreover, if he/she only told to you, he will realize who blab out it.

That’s such an embarrass situation, and he/she has the right to angry.


Through the Da Vinci Code, I introspect again and again.

Could I blab out someone’s secret or tell someone’s privacy that I find it unwittingly?

Today, I think answer is “No”.


I remember news that a perpetrator confessed, but the priest leaked it in the last years.

Although it is a religious rule, we could use this principle to deal this kind of the situation.

Sympathize other’s feelings, and do the best way you conclude.

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