Culture shock is that you go to other places whose culture are different from your original culture and it make you difficult to adapt. For example, my poor English listening ability is one of the biggest problems. And many people from Asian countries think that the food there are so bland, full of sauce, fat, sweet, ect.  There exist always all kind of the surprising you never want. Here are my homework below:
When I decided to study in U.S., some friends told me about something, such as some unfriendly events or some crimes in American. It seems right, after I talked to some of my professors or some suggestions that I got from HELP. The safety is the most important thing that my parent concerned whether their opinions are true or warning. Actually, there are still some culture shocks during my HELP.
First, the most uncomfortable experience I met in Hawaii ( I believe I will meet again in other states of America) is that when I went to the Health center in UH for TB skin test, the clerk told me that it costs six dollars, and then I gave him because I didn't know that I should give to the cashier. After a week, I received a letter of debt and went to check why. I found this fact and felt angery, because I think the guy who took my money is dishonest. Whether he might forget or think that I am a stupid foreign person, naturally, this behavior of this guy made me think of racial discrimination.
The other upset experience is that I felt so depress when I fought luch and the clerk spoke so quichly that I couldn't understand what he said. Then, I asked him again, but he just gave me a boring face and used his impatient voice to answer. I though that my poor English ability is my fault, but people here are so unsympathetic. Consequently, it is another bad experience I met in Hawaii.
Although the problems I met are not always other's faults, there experiences made me feel that some prople ther are unsypathetic and even dishonest. Indeed, Ishould be responsible for myself and find some ways to overcome. Like when staying in the different city in my country, we still need to take care of our behavior, and don't look like a rich man, which may cause somebody to rob your money and things. I believe that many principles of preventing danger are nearly the same, therefore, what I need to do is to learn what are appropriate behaviors and legal actions in U.S.
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