What will you do if you see that your roommate are sexing when coming back your room?
    This was the question that the teacher asked us. Mmm~ it seemed a big problem for Taiwanese, because we don't tend to find our roommates are doing something with their girlfriends, moreover, in Japan and Korea are in the same situation.  But this is popular to find this embarrassed situation  in this situation. And after voting in favor of living with roommates, and against, only two people wanted to have roommate, specially these two do not have experience of sharing room in Hawaii. (I'm one of them)
    In this topic, our class were divided into three groups. My group is responsibile for the roommate problem, here are some information I found: 
1. Messiness
    Clothes are piled everywhere. Old, dirty.
    a. Communication is important.
    b. Clean up and pick up after yourself and hopefully your'll get the same services in return from your roommates.
    Your roommates are Mr. Bigger.
    a. Keep tracj of who owes who monty on a dryeras board in their litchen. They put it up on their refrigerator so everyone is aware of their financial situation and are constantly reminded to write those checks.
    b. Another option for students is to open a joint checking account. "We all deposit the same amount of money into our account each month, so that when it is time to pay bills we all pay equally."
    Setting up ground rules about borrowing and sharing each other's things is important to do when you first move in together.
    a. It is important to articulate what your boundaries are.
    b. Don't assume that it is okay to use your roommate's belongings. Check with them first to make aure it doesn't bother him or her.
4.Differing lifestyles
   Everyone has likes and dislikes and expectations of each other. Be respectful. If there is something your roommate does that really bothers you, bring it up. Just be sure to address the issue sooner rather than later.
5.Serious issue
    There are cases when your roommate's well-being is in jeopardy. Problems can arise where you cannot hekp to solve it. You need more professional help. Depression, eating disorders or mental illness occur in college students.
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