It isn't like other language schools I have been to. The experience I had is only English training, or the better one is added few living skills. But in HELP, you can be satisfied by a lot of courses, such as The Da Vinci Code reading class, TOFEL, TOEIC, pubishing a Newspaper, world music, Culture Issue, etc. Yes! you get it! After grading your level, they just recommend which classes suit you. You are free to choose what you want and enjoy what you choose, does it sound like university courses? Yes, it is.
  The main idea of HELP is that help you to improve your English ability, specially, it stiil has Paper-Base Test, and University of Hawaii accepts the test. Moveover, university of Hawaii is a good university, special in her Business school, the 21th in the U.S.. So, many students came from different countries, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, studying here. However, it 's the most serious problem that a lot of students are looked up in HELP.  After talking to other students here, many of them have already studies near one year! more than3~5 semeters! Yeah.... you will think why they did not study TOFEL at TOFEL conferences in their countries! They answered me that in their country there is no PBT preparative educaion. So, even looked up in HELP more than two years, they still try and try.
  Generally, I like here! Not only the diversity it owns, but it also has free tang! Moveover, some 400 level class is pretty good, for example, the Da Vinci code, some old students thought it is the best one. Reading and preparing information in your own time, you just share your thoughts or ideas in the class. The teacher will prepare a lot of supplement for discussing. Yes, that helps your thinking strategy and your ability of organization.
  UH is a big research center. You can find a lot of information by utilizing your student ID. If you want to training your listening and speaking ability, the most convenient way is find a DVD of campus story, and then listen, and read with the sentences. Managing your time, you will enjoy everything you want!
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