Frisbee is the one of my sister’s boyfriend’s favor game. Now, Jarrett fell into love with it, too. Last Sunday, I played it with two Taiwanese and many Chinese, enjoying a simply-ruled and simply-equipped competition. Like soccer, the rule of ultimate frisbee can be held easily on site which is just more as 3 times as a basketball site. Running, jumping, slinking, swaying, and shouting are all permitted in this moment. Specially, it needs many tactics, like soccer. The most important thing is that, it isn’t as dangerous as soccer, because players can not touch the hold until the hold let his frisbee fly again. Actually, the only dangerous moment is when frisbee prepares to land, but every experienced player know that they can use their body to make the best situation or position to catch it, like rebounders in basketball games. How to grade, or how to get a point, is very easy. A little like football, your throw your frisbee and the catcher get it over the point line without outside, so all you need to do is to plan a short cut and do it.


Let me motivate your determination: how to make a good fly. Throwing frisbee use different muscle from baseball (yes, the frisbee use the extensive muscle, oppose to baseball), but the method of rotating your muscle and choosing a appropriate releasing angle is necessary. Like pitcher, you need to relax your fingers and wrist, utilize your leg control your weight, employ body rotation, and keep your arm horizontal to the ground. Okay, do you image your motion? good, find a useless CD and gentle throw it!


I believe you will enjoy the game, and signature your name under my EX. (reply this article) After coming back Taiwan, we can enjoy it.


Let’s ultimate frisbee!


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