Yeap! Housing is a very important in living American.

There are some information I would like to share with you:

1. Living with foreigners: we can learn English and build a good relationship with them

A lot of people think it is a great idea. But, this dream rarely come true because making a friend with foreigners is totally different from living with them. Some guys perform being neat, polite, kind outside, while they are lazy, dirty, selfish inside. This misunderstanding brings a lot of conflicts in the student abroad. If you want, you could search "culture shock" online to find more information.

2. Taiwanwese roommate! why I should live with Taiwanese student?! I didn't want to stay with Taiwanese!

Of course! We are not come here for living with Taiwanese. We come here for the world view and excellent English. However, as I mentioned, living with a guy having different culture is totally different, especially in a country emphasizing on individualism. This problem you will meet again when you corporate with foreigners in class. It is more feasible to choosing a good Taiwanese friend for controlling your one-year life.

3. Living campus or off-campus.

There are a lot of advantages of living Campus : such as cheap, more chance to stay with foreigners.
However, if you are bad luck, the disadvantages are stinky, dirty environment.

Being a successful businessmen we should take some risk.
This situation is totally different because we should make our study condition stability, efficient, effective.

But the chance is 50% vs 50%, there is not absolutely which is better or worse.

falkirk is the dorm that UCR outsourced. Athena is living there and the condition is not bad, just a little small and you need to buy furniture and pay electricity fee and other fee.
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