This activities make me learn how to improve the work efficiency  of employees and how to promote the harmonious of the organization.
Through the style,"go hung", a word of indian language, we can apply  the nature animal successful survival ways to the management.
There are three main kinds of animal we should observe:
3.Wild goose
At first, we should learn how to work with happy and endless energy from squirrels.
Actually, Jarrett's impression of why squirrels work so hard is due to their stupid brain.
They always forget where they hid their food so they need work so hard to increase the opportunity to find the food they hid.
So, Jarrett didn't identify this point, but this view show the more deep meaning.
Although such an animal like squirrel works with very poor efficiency, it make the spread and semination of the plants unwittingly.
So the first animal teaches us that we should tell our colleagus and us where is the work valus of our works:
Every work (Of course this doesn't conclude the evil or non-ethic work) contributes to the society.
This view has special meaning to the Orient society because the society have the thought of low confidence and high self-esteem.
Like a superifical dish, the person in this society will strick back if he/she encounter any criticism.
For example, the occupations positions like doctors or the high technique engineers makes Taiwanese carzy to pursue.
They belittle some careers and forget that this society need the contribution from everyone  to assemble.
But we couldn't say this view is wrong, however, instead it present that this society is so cruel and full of competition.
How to make the employees full of morale?
Making an example by the automobile business, we could find that,
although the salesman seems to make a process of buying some product and transfering to his/her customers,
customers could gain more information from their salesman to choose the better products to satisfy their needs.
Through the products of automobile, they could enjoy the safe, convenient, comfortable, free life,
and accomplish progressively the goal of their work, relish the happy life of their family, and constitute their wonderful lives.
Selling cars is a very important work, and the salesman's contribution is to help customer enjoy these fun.
As the leader of salesman,
we should introduce the differency of the products to salesmen, and make them full of confidence of their products and confirm their determination in this field.
The second role is the beaver.
Look at the way how beavers build their dams.
We will find that beavor is not isolated, and they are living as a group. But how do they know how to collaborate?
Jarrett thought that the beavors seem lack of their leader and didn't know how they communicate their work for collaboration.
But every beavor presents his/her thoughts to use the best way to build and satisfy the nest of their group.
Holding the branches by their teeth, they build the nest to adapt the river area.
It's amazing that every beavor group owns novices and old hands and could build the nest to satisfy every member without conflict.
So, there are three points we could learn from the second target:
1. The work duties of every member are orientated and have the clear definition for .
2. Every member makes his way to execute his work and has fun to create his own way, and participate his work happily.
3. The group and leader give the main guidances and supports to the members.
Recently, my company have some changes of the personnel which is as the result of the un-coordination of the department of sales and maintain service.
The reason is so simple!
The two departments has totally different responsbilities and duties which they need to consider their asserts.
Sometimes, the failure of coordination and the bad temper cause the biggest problem.
It is not totally the angry person's responsiblity, however we should reflect how to make our company coordinate better and decrease the disputes.
One of the most important factors is to respect everyone's work, and guild the conflicted members through realizing the reason instead of the manager's bias.
The last one is the wild goose.
What is the characteristics of the wild goose.
Imaging a flock wild goose in the lake with their special voice,  you close them and they suddenly fly together with endless sound.
They change their team sequence hourly, which seems to fly without  a leader.
According to statistics, a flock wild goose could fly more 71% than a wild goose fly singly.
How could they do it?
『 Encouraging each other!』
When there are some people fall behind or doing something with being awared, we should said:『 Good job! Keep going!』
Jarrett remember that I always heard the old hands roaring our team catchword when playing in the softball team.
Then, Jarrett would be full of energy and enthusiasm and yell behind the sponsor.
Jarrett hope that through sharing this kind of the experience, we could grow together.
Good luck~


透過的方式就是『Go Hung』 這是一句印第安語言。透過向自然學習動物的成功之道使用於管理層面上,主要觀察對象有三個:

1.      松鼠

2.      海狸

3.      野雁



  每一個件工作 (當然不是搶贏擄掠等等非正當的工作)都是對社會有所貢獻。這個觀念在東方社會特別重要,原因出在東方社會有所謂低自信,高自尊的思想,也就是所謂的淺碟子文化,受到任何刺激必定反擊。就像過去二十年前使台灣民眾狂熱的醫師地位以及十年前開始的科技新貴等等。往往貶低某些職業而忘記社會是需要每一個零件所串連起來的。但這也不能說這種觀念就是錯誤,因為它反映社會是現實且殘酷的,充滿競爭的。而如何使內部員工充滿鬥志呢?舉汽車業為例,雖然汽車銷售員似乎只是一個把產品集中再轉銷售的過程,但是透過業務員的協助讓客戶認識到好的產品,並選擇到最適合自己的產品,達成生活的需求。透過汽車這項產品,他得以享受安全、便利、舒適、自由自在的生活,進而協助他達成工作的目標、享受美好的家庭生活、建構精彩的人生等等。汽車銷售是一樣非常重要的工作,而妳們就是要協助客戶享受此一樂趣。接下來就聊到各個品牌的差異性,使業務員對自己的品牌產生信心,而堅定自己在這個領域的信念。




1.      成員分工定位

2.      每各成員具有決策性,樂趣的去創造屬於自己的工作方式,並不斷快樂參予其中。

3.      對成員給大方向的引導並給予支持。(團隊與管理者的工作)








Good Luck

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