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Jarrett have planned to writting this memoir for a long time, but it's different for me to decide who I should record.
For example, Olivia, Masa, Kenta,Kazu, Bam, Ayako, Kazu, Sachiko,Thuy, Ayaka, Satomi, Q, K, Kyeong, Peter, Kozue, Miharu, Yukino, Tresun, Young hwan, Ian, Yi-Hsuan, kyokosan, Masami, nita, and ikumi help me a lot and share our feelings to each other.

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Having a speech to be the representative of the graduates  is my biggest honor in HELP.
I got the information from Steve in the two weeks before the final party.

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Maui trip is the first self-service travel in ur Hawaii days.
It is one of the best experiences in my Hawaii life, and through this, I re-realize many good friends in HELP.

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艾吉非常討厭 可以說是幾近缯恨"惡意不誠實的人"  (當然無傷大雅的欺騙可以接受)

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             " 當頭井底之蛙也是很累的!!! " 艾吉友藏  2007五月春末筆


The homosexual relationship is more common in western society than in oriental society. In Hawaii, the first state of America which admitted the homosexual relationship formally, we can find guys and lesbians easily. Very different from Asian countries, the culture seems having more tolerance with different value. In Taiwan, the conception of guy is still unaccepted, special in the county area. People feel uncomfortable and strange about the guys’ relationship. However, as the society is becoming more diversity, we should respect that guys are the people who have the different views of their preferences.


However, the same sex marriage is becoming more acceptable in the world. Although the homosexuals have their right to enjoy their rights as the normal couple, there still remain some problems; for example, is it fair to the child if guys want to foster a child? Or, can the feminine guy have the same power as the woman?



Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGBT_symbols


Gilbert Baker designed the rainbow flag for the 1978 San Francisco's Gay Freedom Celebration. The flag does not depict or show an actual rainbow. Rather, the colors of the rainbow are displayed as horizontal stripes, with red at the top and purple at the bottom. It represents the diversity of gays and lesbians around the world. The purple stripe is sometimes replaced with a black stripe to show masculinity or leather pride. red stands for life, orange stands for healing, yellow stands for sun, green stands for nature, blue stands for harmony, and purple stands for soul. The original rainbow flag had two additional stripes: a pink stripe and an aqua stripe:two colors that denote bisexuality. These two colors are in the Bisexual Double Triangle and the bright pink is also similar to the Pink Triangle. The original eight color rainbow flag flies over the Castro in San Francisco and from the Lesbian, Gay Bisexual and Transgender Community Center in New York City.



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A Net dating service, also known as online dating or internet dating, is an example of a dating system and allows individuals, couples and groups to meet online and possibly develop a romantic or sexual relationship. Net dating services provide un-moderated matchmaking through the use of personal computers, the Internet, or even cell phones.

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What will you do if you see that your roommate are sexing when coming back your room?

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  Culture shock is that you go to other places whose culture are different from your original culture and it make you difficult to adapt. For example, my poor English listening ability is one of the biggest problems. And many people from Asian countries think that the food there are so bland, full of sauce, fat, sweet, ect.  There exist always all kind of the surprising you never want. Here are my homework below:

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第一次接到她的電話 按下通話就霹靂啪拉  連是哪個大學的都沒聽清楚

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Frisbee is the one of my sister’s boyfriend’s favor game. Now, Jarrett fell into love with it, too. Last Sunday, I played it with two Taiwanese and many Chinese, enjoying a simply-ruled and simply-equipped competition. Like soccer, the rule of ultimate frisbee can be held easily on site which is just more as 3 times as a basketball site. Running, jumping, slinking, swaying, and shouting are all permitted in this moment. Specially, it needs many tactics, like soccer. The most important thing is that, it isn’t as dangerous as soccer, because players can not touch the hold until the hold let his frisbee fly again. Actually, the only dangerous moment is when frisbee prepares to land, but every experienced player know that they can use their body to make the best situation or position to catch it, like rebounders in basketball games. How to grade, or how to get a point, is very easy. A little like football, your throw your frisbee and the catcher get it over the point line without outside, so all you need to do is to plan a short cut and do it.


Let me motivate your determination: how to make a good fly. Throwing frisbee use different muscle from baseball (yes, the frisbee use the extensive muscle, oppose to baseball), but the method of rotating your muscle and choosing a appropriate releasing angle is necessary. Like pitcher, you need to relax your fingers and wrist, utilize your leg control your weight, employ body rotation, and keep your arm horizontal to the ground. Okay, do you image your motion? good, find a useless CD and gentle throw it!


I believe you will enjoy the game, and signature your name under my EX. (reply this article) After coming back Taiwan, we can enjoy it.


Let’s ultimate frisbee!  http://www.upa.org/


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今天跑去Wakiki海灘衝浪了, So exciting.


    In the morning, I will my good teacher, Thomas, 27 years old handsome man, and Naoki, Q, June, 川田 go to the Wakiki beach.


We are all students in Hawaii English language program (HELP), and this activity is our first free activity in Hawaii.


Today, the Wakiki beach had a big sun but the seawater is a little chill. However, there is always full of people in Wakiki beach.


I think that you must have seen the Wakiki beach in the picture, yes, you get it, a beach full of bikini girls.


The most interesting thing is that the Wakiki beach is artificial beach. So, it is suit for surf but the sand is not comfortable.



    We rented the broads first, ten dollar for an hour. It's a big broad, I can not hold it in my armpit by my hand.


Every surf broad has a loop which can prevent the broad from leaving you and be a life bout for you.


Thomas is a good coach, so I get some strategies for surfing quickly:

1.      try to lie on the broad and learn how to keep your balance.

2.      practice sitting in the broad without losing balance when waves come.


Then, you could try it:

1.      lie on the broad and back to wave.

2.      As playing in relay race, turn your head, look at the wave and choose which one you want to surf. (try every wave need much energy)

3.      find a good wave, concentrate on it, keep vertical with the wave.

4.      patient, when it come to your back near 5 meters, use your arm to paddle the water.

5.      when the wave lifts the broad tail, slowly pressure the broad to make your chest leave the broad.

6.      Keeping balance with one-foot kneeling on your broad.

7.      Gently standing and keeping control your weight distributions on the broad.

8.      Congratulation! You get it!


Although I learned how to do it, I just success two times in a hour.


Keeping balance is not a easy thing. But I believe you will love it, too.


So next time if we go to Kendine, we should do that!

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每天早上都偷偷祈禱 若是能差大約12小時左右應該比較好適應,差這種剛好一半低!


早上剛好是台灣時間的晚上,隨時隨地都想睡! 下午拖著早上的疲憊,只要不小心睡了午覺,頭就會像敖了一天夜一樣快爆炸了! 


有拉! 艾吉在夏威夷的晚上比較不想睡覺~  大概要晚上12點左右才想睡覺!  不過適應時差最好的方法就是在不該睡得時候強迫不准睡覺!




第一個到外國學生服務中心,報到並且詢問如何辦理State ID,以及如何開立學生戶頭、學生保險、役檢問題、住宿問題(學生宿舍通常在開學前就已經確定了,到時還沒有找到住所的話,就要趕快向學校求救嚕)


然後首先處理State ID,有ID才可以辦理信用卡,申請許多社會權利也更有利!關於這個部分艾吉先在這邊賣個關子。


接下來開立學生戶頭,爲什麼要開立學生戶頭呢?因為如果去購物一次通常都會花兩三百元美金,帶太多現金在身上不好,美國的治安也比台灣可怕多了!有了可以隨時check的提款卡,在國外提款卡可以刷卡買東西、加油、可以拿來線上購物,可以說是最方便的東西了。再辦戶頭的時候,小姐會詢問你要辦理何種戶頭:聽姐姐說主要要辦理三種戶頭:savings(活存), checking(sharedraft), mega money(定存). 用旅行支票當現金存入,第一個戶頭是開戶用也就是銀行基本需求,當然結清的時候也可以領出來嚕!然後checking account就是要用來刷卡用的。Mega money定存戶頭,通常學校戶頭都給予學生比較高的利息,大約都5%,月付息!不過記住喔~當checking用完的時候要主動把saving轉錢給checking 或者從mega money 轉到saving 再轉到checking 或者是要不然銀行幫你轉錢要收罰金的!



早上自己跑去UHhealth center打疫苗,進門他會先問你有沒有insurance




Vaccine疫苗  再來他們會詢問你是否有打過三合一疫苗,也就是:measles(德國麻疹), mumps(豬頭皮), rubella(德國麻疹),最後去國外還一定會重新作一次肺結核測驗TB test




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嗯嗯   如果算起來是台灣時間3/29下午兩點從台北起飛   目標:來企好挖宜~
一上飛機 就坐在一各菲律賓家族中間

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