Kevin Cheng invited me to join his car racing activities on this Monday.
Jarrett was so glad to have this chance and believed that I will not have other chance if I didn't go yesterday.
You could find my bolg picture of Feb/18/08 car racing.
I drove several times and enjoyed the trip of 2 experienced driver, Jarku(I didn't know to spell) and Kevin.
For me, it was such a total new experience for me.
At first try, I just tried to imitate Kevin's driving skill, and remember when he accelerated, braked, and modify his stick.
But, finally, I choosed to use AT model. I just pay attention to control steel and speed.
Practicing several time, I started my crazy drive.
I could hear my tire's voice, my car balance, and every physical situation in my car.
In fact, haha~ I drove out of the track a lot of times.
However, when I was the passenger in Jarku's (S2000) and Kevin's car (mazda3speed), so Great!!!
The most different performance between them and me is that they could try the best to show theirs cars performance.
In fact, I did not even understand my car.
They concentrated, focused everything, use all of their resources to make their driving best.
Driving 60 miles to pass 90 degree turn and 180 degree turn with tilting angle, they speeded up to 100mile in the next 100meters, and then braked to 50mile to pass S turn.
The spirit of racing is not only to compare who is the fast but also to show how you control everything to achieve your ambition.
They never gave up any tiny moment, so they become winner.
If I continue my lazy mind, I will still be the loser and never know how to be greater!
Focus what you want!
Do what you really want to do!
This is car racing!


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